Christmas Poem…


It’s the night of Christmas, and all through the house
My family still sleeping, yes, even the mouse.
The stockings were tossed, thrown into the chair
turned inside out, nope… nothing’s there.

My children now sleeping, Krystal sick in bed
Makenzie’s DS tucked under her head
As I sit in the kitchen, a dog on my lap,
looking around, all gifts unwrapped.

A truckload of presents, up off the floor
They looked so appealing when bought at the store.
gift wrap, ribbons and bows ripped and crumpled,
new clothes abandoned, in a pile all rumpled.

Muddy pawprints from the outside came in
Is it all worth it, I think, oh yes of course!
Why bother sweeping, with a smile and a grin
Thankful I’m not cleaning up, after a horse


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