Excuses are like assholes


Stop making excuses.
Start building your list.

Success or failure depends on you.
It depends on the choices you make, for your business, for your lifestyle and how much financial freedom you truly want.
It depends on your attitude about what is presented to you. Some opportunities are actually better, produce higher amounts of income and builds an email list of interested people.

It depends on just how much you want to succeed. It depends on your mindset.
We see these things all the time when we’re posting our biz ops in facebook groups..
Oh, look at that… 1.75 turns into 5000.00
Or make 10,000 in 30 days or I’ll give you a 1000.00
Your first thoughts are oh yeah right, mine is better .. but for those that are promoting those… they feel that their biz ops are the best. Until they too are presented with an actual, all-in-one income producing system.

Stop the rationalization.
We can sit here all day and make up excuses as to why you’re not building your list and creating an income…
Bottom line, you are the only one that can stop you. You are the excuse you listen to.
You can’t blame the company, the products or your up-line… unless they really suck and you’re so invested with ego that you’ll stay just to prove you can make it work.
So, how’s that working for you?

Stop and examine your progress.
Compared with where you are- right now- with where you would like to be….
Ask yourself why there is a gap between these two points. Don’t make excuses, Make plans and take corrective action.
If what you’ve done hasn’t gotten you what you want, then try doing it a different way with a system that does work.
There’s no pride in staying with something that doesn’t work.. Accept for the fact, that you actually are committed.

So here’s what I want you to.
Keep an open mind, imagine a system that provides every marketing aspect you need,
and click right here to see it in action.

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Dorothy Johnston


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