Words From Wayne Coppock

DO NOT be Confused… it WILL Paralyze you

January 2, 2015 at 8:18pm

Confusion is a killer…

The old saying fits really nice here…

Paralysis by Analysis 

If you are confused than your rational,

or conscious mind will find every reason

to do nothing!

Sometimes in this wacky world of internet

marketing things happen, they come up…

Squirrels dart here and there, there is this

shiny object, and that shining ball

What do you do?

You stay focused on your one thing, just like

we have all been told in the past…



Do we focus on the one thing that we need?

I am talking about making some cash…

some money to survive on until we build a

list big enough to have folks coming into our

primary thing?

Look, here is the bottom line…


If you sometimes feel like you are dazed and confused…

Like a deer in the headlights… it is no wonder  you FREEZE

It is normal, but you need to snap out of it, trust your leaders,

if your leaders are someone to trust… follow their lead!

On our team this has been going on, and there is a lot of

stuff happening, and the leadership is taking a certain path…

Believe me, it is a certain path, one of CERTAINTY!

If you do not trust your leaders find some that you can trust,

BUT, if you just do not understand.. are confused, but you

feel that your leaders are righteous folks then reach out to them.

Here, we are doing some very specific things, taking specific actions

for VERY specific reasons… WE ARE SUCCEEDING !!!

Again… reach out to your leaders!

BONUS: As a customer and affiliate you

get exclusive access to our Private VIP LOUNGE

Coaching Center inside a private facebook group.

So, with that, we’re taking care of two markets

with diverse needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

I can help you.


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