Personal Development & Network Marketing

In my last post I mentioned Personal Development and how it plays an important role in your success.

Why is this important?

Because most people are stuck in their “I gotta make money mindset”

Understand that just going out to the internet, and spamming your opportunity, will probably not generate very much traffic to your business opportunity.

People connect and reach out to people they can resonate with. It’s an automatic turn off to see a
“1.75 earns 10,000 in 60 days” type of post. You just know that kind of stuff never works. It’s not better, faster or easier.

Face it, people are people and what they really want is to associate themselves with a team, which is going in the same direction you truly want to go in, and are being taught, mentored and coached by Leaders in the Industry.

So let’s talk more about Personal Development and why it’s so important..

This is a deep topic; one that can branch out in several directions and is taught by many people…

but to delve just a little bit … how you think determines what you get, or don’t get

when you say, I can’t do that..well then you cant
because you’ve already committed to can’t

when you say, I need…then you’ll always be in need

when you say, I don’t have…then you’ll always not have.. whatever it is you don’t have

What those words actually do is prohibit you from achieving any kind of personal & financial success.
They are the roadblocks of growth and financial wealth.

They also prevent you from taking action on your goals… All the “I Wishes” in the world, will not materialize with words like can’t, don’t, and need in your vocabulary and in your mind.

So what kind of books or audio should I listen too? Well, there’s a vast array on the internet designed to help you with that…

I can only suggest to you what I’ve read, what my team has/is reading. And those are the ones that have helped us immensely!

I will say, however, there are 2 books necessary..  The absolute Bibles of the Network Industry are

Go Pro by Eric Worre…
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson…

These are 2 absolute must-have books.
One teaches you Marketing; the other teaches you the consequences of your actions.

To wrap this up, I invite you to listen to the recordings of our Mindset calls
And to dial in Mon – Fri at 10am est
712 775 7085 pin 150703#

You can connect with me on facebook

And if you truly desire a change in your mindset, we have a special group that we plug into for daily inspirations and guidance.

To your success!


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