What did you do in 2014 that you’re proud of?

I didn’t give of up in the face of challenges- In fact, I love a challenge!

This time of year everything slows down. We’re caught in the Holiday buying / giving festivities, gathering of Family and Friends, all the food preparations, local and long distance traveling.

Internet Marketing slows down.

After Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s rush, retail revenue slows down; people tend to hibernate due to extreme weather conditions and fat bellies.

Not me – I kept going, growing, and building my list.  I set my Blog page up, and filled it with content.

I don’t quit in the face of obstacles- because I do not allow any to stop or block me from reaching my goals and achieving my dreams.

I didn’t “throw in the towel” or give up when we experienced some “growing pains” Because I believe in the Company, WakeupNow, and the Products.

And I have the utmost Faith in the Leadership I follow. They know how the industry is, when things slow down people tend to quit and blame ..Whoever or whatever.

So, for us, our Fearless Leaders have put into place 2 Marketing tools that we sell in addition to WakeupNow. This keeps our team focused, and the money flowing in.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I’m with a Team that has the experience and foresight to put into play a plan to protect their members…. I’m staying right where I am.

So, If you’re feeling “left out to dry” with your company, you’re more than welcome to ask me about mine and to join our Team… We’d love to have ya!

Here’s to YOUR success!



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