Words From Marie LuckAllard

A Networking Marketing Professional



Network Marketing can be described as a distribution and sales method.  It is one that involves multi-level marketing and direct selling. What is so exciting about this approach, is network marketers can generally sell directly to prospects, eliminating the need to involve third party contacts.

The distribution and selling of products commonly happens either online and offline.  The popularity of the industry, allows entrepreneurs the flexibility of staying at home, or adding to their current schedule.

Entrepreneurs are enjoying  growth in this industry.  They have the distinct flexibility to be at home without the restraints of working a 9 – 5.  For those who are committed,  their task is to sell the products, make money, and then recruit others to duplicate what they have done.

I became a Network Marketing Professional in 2104. I  joined a company as an IBO, (Independent Business Owner).  It was a brave and courageous decision to open a home based business.  It certainly is not a decision you should make, however without completing  your due diligence.

Certainly there are many do’s and don’ts related to any home based business.  I have found my biggest motivation stems from Zig Zigler otherwise known as a Master Motivator.  His work stems far and wide and impacts thousands on a daily basis.

As a Network Marketing Professional, your goals are finished or they may need adjusting.  During the past year, I have learned so much

in regards to being a Network Marketing Professional.

In essence, three of my goals were marketing the product, professional development, and video marketing.

Within each of these areas there was a certain learning curve.  I am proud to say, my biggest challenge was video marketing.

My first video attempts were enlightening.  However, after doing a few,  I became more proficient.  In marketing the product,  I learned from experienced marketers what techniques to use that simplified my endeavors.

I believe our Mindset Training was and is the best factor that develops “you” as a person.

This concept allows you to learn from the best of the best in our team, along with pertinent leaders in the industry.  Without a doubt, anyone and everyone can grow themselves as a person in order to put “colors” on their heart.


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