What Type of Salesman are You?

Think of it this way… have you ever gone to a car lot and looked at buying a new car?


And as soon as you walk onto the lot, here he comes running up to you..
THAT salesman with his automatic; contract in hand, speech that really turns you off?

I mean really.. THAT kind of pitch…..

You kinda move away from him as fast as possible huh

I know I do…

But then, as you’re walking around, looking at the various vehicles, another sales person comes to your side…

and instead of wearing the “buy this I gotta make a sale” persona, they strike up a conversation with you, asking various questions trying to assess your actual need.

30 minutes later you’re driving away in your new car.

That 2nd sales person created a relationship with you, helped you determine the actual car best suited for your needs. And you were comfortable enough to make the sale…


And thru the window of the show floor, that 1st salesman is scratching his head and wondering what the heck just happened.

Network Marketing has the same core principal.

You have to find out what the consumer needs or wants before you attempt to sell anything.

Now, saying that… some people will read your post and buy without any kind of interaction with you. and that’s cool

Then there are others, that like to look around at the different marketing tools you’re offering, and they’ll come back several times before making an actual purchase, simply because they don’t know what they want.

They’ll like your post, make a comment, maybe ask a question, click your link and get on your email list. And 2 weeks later they buy something from you.

You see how that worked?

BUY ME BUY ME pitches only work once in awhile and that person is gone, moving on to the next thing…

Those you build a relationship with, will keep coming back and buy from you

Hope that helps, here’s to your success!

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