A light load with lofty dreams

The loudest boom you will ever hear, is the one that will forever change you.

It’s the beginning of the rest of your life


Pursuit of your Dream means listening to voices in your Heart, Not the noises in your head or the chatter of others.

The people around you want to surround and protect you, but they are not within you so they do not know what goes on within your sense of purpose and inspiration.

What is your character?
Character is following thru with your decision long after the moment is past.

What is your purpose?

What are your reasons?

There is nothing you cannot achieve. Understand that Inspiration is beyond motivation, inspiration is emotional vitality, it’s the results of being connected to a Purpose larger than ourselves

Whether you realize it or not, you have a sense of purpose. Your words are powerful beyond measure.

BUT When you say…

I need… this comes from a level of survival

I Have to make… you’re coming from a level of security

I Want to make… this level is of social gain

I choose to make… is from a level of self growth and development

I love to create… is the level of self fulfillment

I AM called to create… comes from your level of inspiration

When you come from a level of inspiration.. you will attract to yourself situations, circumstances and people that match your already existing level of inspirations

‘I need to and I have to’, are levels of desperation

Can you be bigger than the perception of fear?

“Matter without spirit is motionless.
Spirit without matter is expressionless”

Be open to receive. Allow yourself, give yourself permission.

Giving and receiving are the 2 sides of the same coin… you cannot separate them

Will you have possible challenges along the way? Absolutely

No matter what you do, you must remember that within each external circumstance is the seed of an internal order that, no matter is happening right now, they are happening for a reason. And that is to assist you to grow because a greater abundance is awaiting you.




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