Strategies to Increase Your Cashflow

We’re in the business to make money.  We’re talking about becoming financially free to do, go, buy, share, whatever you want.

Now is the time, not tomorrow, next week, or next month. Today.


If you treat your business like a hobby, it’ll pay you like a hobby, if you want your business to be a high-yielding, high-paying, lucrative business, then knuckle down and pay attention.

Let’s talk about what works…

1. Get More Leads

The more leads you can generate, the more sales you can make. If you are not using a capture / squeeze page before sending traffic to your product, you’re missing the biggest piece of the formula… those that could be interested in your offer, and you need to get that in place asap.

2. Shoot Videos

In order to build trust with your list, you need to shoot short videos, and upload them to Youtube. These videos will generate leads on their own, but can also be sent out to your list of subscribers to help you build a relationship with them. Always include a call to action, a redirect to your offer / website.

3. Work on Your Mindset

As Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Success starts with having the right mindset & attitude.

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4. Have a Low $$ Front End Offer

Most people will not buy a $500, $1,000, or even $2,000+ product from you without “testing you out” first. This is why you need an inexpensive front end offer to get people into your sales funnel. From there, you can upsell them higher priced products. (that creates residual monthly and weekly income)

Want to see a high-converting front end offer you can start selling for just a one-time 25 bucks? Click here to watch the free video.

5. Consistent Training

It’s one thing to have a product you can sell and make a few bucks, but what really puts the money in your bank account… is Training on “the how-to”  in the most effective way, keeping it simple and fun.

6. Give away free stuff

So what are you waiting for? Connect with me on my facebook fanpage! and let’s get you rollin’ in the green!



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