Start the Journey… Enjoy the Ride

No matter where you are right now, what your background is,
you are told the same thing as everyone else…

go to school,
get good grades,
get a degree,
get the so called great job.. 

Then you work your ass off for a demanding boss,
leave early in the morning, sometimes it’s still dark
frustrated from the commute to and from, in bumper to bumper traffic
co-workers that fight to get above, get ahead, no matter who they step on
then commute back home, again, in the dark.

That used to be me. The long hours, crazy schedule….

and oh… once you’re home, the kids are crying for your attention,
the dogs are barking and jumping on you, happy to see you,
the spouse is trying to get 5 minutes of your time, what’s left of it
and all you want…10 minutes. just 10 minutes to yourself
THAT never happens (unless you’re in the bathroom)

and that is from those that actually followed “the rules”

Then you have the high-school or college drop-outs,
the young people that are running with the “wrong crowd”
lying, stealing, hiding, hanging out in gangs
believing that’s all to their life

because that’s what they’ve been told…

you ain’t no good,
you’ll never amount to nothing
you’re a disappointment to your parents
don’t come around here til you straighten up

So where am I going with all this?

No matter where or what “side of the fence” you’re standing on,
No matter what words echo in your head,
No matter where you’ve come from, where you are right now or where you want to go…

We have a much better way. We can show you, teach you, walk with you as a new you unfolds,
share your stories, celebrate your successes, pick you up and help you to keep going

you are not alone, you have not traveled your path alone…
so many have been where you are, gone thru similar scenarios and have over-come
the hardships, the frustrations to discover a better, easier and much happier life.

Connect with me on facebook,
listen to the mindset victory audios

We are all here to help and guide everyone that wants a change in their life.



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