Society is a Dream Crusher, But Not Mine

Since when is the MUSCLE more important than your MIND?

What i mean is….

In our society it’s expected that you GRIND out your years and wait to retire vs allowing you to USE your mind to lead you to freedom.


Let’s just be really blunt about this.

What kind of income would you need to have every single month?

Do what you REALLY want to do?

– be a dance instructor / art teacher
– finish school / go to college
– play on facebook
– take your parents on vacation
– design skateboards / build something
– paint for a living / become an actress or actor
– read books everyday at the beach
– be a chef
– be a gardener
– surf the oceans of the world / walk the beaches of
– stay home with your family
– care for the elderly
– contributions to a cause / help the homeless
– etc…..


ANYTHING you want to do

If you were to tell your high school/college guidance counselor

– that you want to eat food and write reviews….
– that you have a passion for oil based painting,
– that you really like skate boarding, or surfing
– that you really would love to create and play video games all day
– that you want to be a race car driver
– that you want to just travel the world taking in different

What would their response be?

The most common response would be – there is no money in that field or no demand for someone to pay you to do that. You need to get an education, get a job.


Dreams Crushed

Dreams are created while in school as you learn about past/present/future…. when your mind is unrestricted to whatever you dream you have.

When I was in school I had friends who played sports, and friends who were book nerds, friends that were cheerleaders.

I had friends who graduated high school to go on to college and
others who dropped out of high school and others that got pregnant and no choice but to give up their dreams to raise their kid

I had friends who went into engineering, cosmotology, for money and others who followed degree paths with no real job lined up.

I have friends who lived their dream chasing it daily, and others who gave up a LONG time ago,  who live pay check to pay check.

What is the difference?

I have friends who make $500/week and I have friends who make $10,000k/month PLUS…

Where is the difference?

People who want MORE from life DON’t STOP dreaming..

that was it…

The dream from your childhood that grew and changed as you got older but actually stayed the same and stayed within you…


My dream was and IS to not be told where to go, what to do, how to do it or when to do things… Basically NOT be pushed around….

“I Want Control Of My Own Time”

That’s when I had the aha moment.

– The moment where I remembered my dream was to protect my time
– To never be told how many vacation days I had that year
– To be in control in when I wanted to hang out with my kids
– To have and spend the entire day with my Family
– To be happy and FREE

Is this you…?

– have a dream so big nothing could stop you
– have the hunger to achieve it fast vs slow
– work with others who had dreams of living FREE
– using a business that allows you to excel and even explode.

Then I want to help you achieve your own goals.

– Be okay with failure as you can’t truly fail until you QUIT
– Be teachable and a student
– Love yourself

kinda odd to say “Love Yourself” but it’s true. If you can’t love yourself… it’s going to be SUPER hard to allow others to see in you, your Dream….

and why is it important to have a dream?

Cause YOUR dream could be the dream someone has thrown away years ago…
People need your DREAM and that gives others the hope they can reach it like you.

Follow me on my journey as I help more and MORE people reach their dreams .

IMG_0061 Here’s to your success!

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