YOUR CASH & “THE BIG PICTURE” to Online Success

People online in our market are always looking for a couple key things:

1. A simple way to make money online with a home business.

(Power Lead System, Enviralizer and WakeupNow)

2. Training on how to create leads and build their list.

(our courses do this for you too)

3. Tools on how to do #2 above…

(Power Lead System and our Training does this for you)

4. Traffic and advertising sources.

(Our Traffic Program does this for you)

Inside Freedom Uprising… you will have access to everything.

You can offer people those things.

And I want you to create income streams in EVERYTHING we use and everything we do.


As you serve others, your income streams build up.

Many are monthly income streams that were only monthly expenses before.

And doing that will deliver value to them, you’ll gain trust and build a relationship which leads to more people joining us in our main business program… whatever that might be for you.

They’ll ask you about that too.



1. A SKILL SET (ONE) that is of value to others.

2. A way to attract people, build your list and follow up with them.

3. A value based offer(s) that helps you CASH FLOW your business no matter what.

4. A training community of support to build trust and relationships

5. A source of traffic (paid or free).

There’s a process here to empower you to control your own destiny (with a little help from your FU friends) and you can attract good people, serve them with real value, build trust and cash flow your business… 

…no matter what…

…you can now roam around the internet and social networks and EVERYONE can be your friend no matter what company they promote because I bet you they can use help with traffic, list building and smart tools to help them build their business.

social media

We’ve linked to products, services and training that all pay you with leverage (meaning almost everything we offer pays you monthly recurring income) so that you can make a sale this month and be paid on it every single month your team stays with you using the tools, services and training.

This way you earn monthly (certainty income, stability income) for YOUR efforts without being 100% dependent on many variables to make your income… as you grow your main back end income stream.

See the big picture?

Just invite them to free training.

That starts everything…

Let’s build you some cash flow!

IMG_0061 Here’s to you success! Dorothy Johnston

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copied and edited with my links, and with permission from my
mentor, coach and team leader… Franco Gonzalez

Screenshot_1 (2)


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