In Between Yesterday and Today

What happened between being the child of yesterday and the adult of today?

You grew up.
Conformed to a life that society dictated.


Remember when you were so absorb in a book the pages came to life!

running with the wolves, up and over the hills, howling in freedom!


flying to the moon in your rocket-ship, catching moon martians!

hiding from the trolls under a huge mushroom cap with the fairies!

dodging the goblins and the dragons because you just had to climb thru and survive the dreaded skull mountain….


Time slipped as night fell, you were a character in the book
You just absolutely knew you would stay there forever.



Oh the adventures you had! In YOUR world – YOUR imagination


Captain Nemo on The Nautilus, Gulliver’s Travels,

Journey to the Center of the Earth, King of the Arabian Knights

Wow! Such wonderful memories! when I was a little kid, I wanted to be the flying nun (remember that show?)



Somewhere along the way, from childhood to adulthood we lost the dream.



I used to be stuck in this mess, and that’s AFTER coming out of the tunnels!

The world became hard, concrete and steel buildings with artificial light.

The traffic, all the noise, the stress of paying bills and raising a family, no time to imagine, no time for the joy of childhood fantasies….

Sad really, because 97% of the population is following the masses on the asphalt highways of hell.

The other 3%, have created their own lifestyle of freedom and are living what used to be just their imagination.

At some point you have to ask yourself….

is what I’m doing worth giving up my dreams?

is being away from my family from sun up to after dinner time worth the time missed?

is missing the first little league game, or school plays, worth it?

Do you realize you’re slowing tearing away the fabric of their imagination?

Did you know…. you only have 18 summers?

The first 5 of those, children are too young to be adventurous. They still live in the world of their creative imaginations.

And, you’re still protecting them from the outside world

Between 5 –  13 are when ‘we used to with Mom & Dad’ memories are made.

After 13, the years fly, they’re into their friends, the movies, the school activities, dances and football games.

Then they’re gone.


We have a better way.

Dorothy Johnston

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