From Slavery to Freedom


Travel back to the 1800s and you’re living history.
You’re a young slave who must make important and
life-changing decisions.

Do you try to escape slavery? Knowing the complications?
Living as a slave was extremely hard. But escaping meant leaving family behind. It also might lead to eventual capture, punishment, and even death.

One word overheard by the wrong people could spoil even the most carefully-made plans.

To ordinary people, these forms of communication were very innocent. To escaping slaves, they might mean the difference between life and death.


Fast forward to today, in some respects not much has changed.

We are slaves to our past, and the words ringing in our heads are the chains that bind us to the mindset we currently hold. But just like the space in the gate, you are capable of breaking thru, climbing over or walking thru… and no, the grass isn’t always greener on the other-side, but it’s well-worth the trip to a clearer mind and be able to think, act, and do on your own volition vs what friends, family or peers dictate.

And while it isn’t easy to rid yourself of negativity, it can be done.  We can and do change our thoughts, we change the patterns of how we act and react,  we dig deep into the ‘us’ that we really are and are meant to be. It’s what we do everyday on our mindset calls… We read from books, have discussions, or just listen to others as they speak.

The message delivered is always different, and it’s also the same… You cannot live in a negative world and expect abundance to drop in your lap.


I invite you to listen to any or all of the replays, and to dial in every Monday – Friday @ 10am est

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I’ll hear ya on the call!

Dorothy Johnston

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and single Mom & Grandmom..

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