OMG! WUN is Done ~ Now What?

I just want to encourage everyone affected by WUN to not give up on your dreams and goals… this is merely an obstacle that will only be remembered as a fork in the road… you get to decide now to
either give up and go back to mediocrity or persevere and create a legacy… If I can be of any assistance dont hesitate to reach out…

We ‘ve just come through quite an experience with WUN.
What did I learn?
I have learned that ME, my company, “YOU, INC” is still up and
I have learned when one door closes, another was already opened.
I have learned even though a company folds, doesn’t mean that I fell with it.

Fantastic things are still happening,  with all the experiences I’ve lived through and learned.

Some will bash the company and that’s their mindset. It’s ok, I walk away from the negative. There’s a difference between amateurs and seasoned marketers. The amateurs will come out of the woodworks, they are scavengers.  They’ll be throwing their links at you all day long, because that’s what they do.

The Seasoned Marketers, we are, I am, a different breed.
I am STILL and WILL continue to help others create the lifestyle they are looking for.
“YOU, INC” has options that provide revenue for everyone.

The basics never change:

1. Have a desire to build a business and lifestyle online.
2. Have a desire to help others do the same.
3. Find a way to attract them and build your list.
4. Offer them solutions.
5. Support them by being there with content and value.
6. Provide customer support as best you can.
7. Share the vision and the concept far and wide.
8. Have solution(s) (plural) for them that pay you well.
9. Focus on the people.
10. Stay true to your original intention (unless it changes).
11. NEVER let anyone take you away from being right up close and personal with the people. The PEOPLE and your connection to them is EVERYTHING.

Enviralizer, Power Lead System, and whatever other offers you choose and why… those offers will add revenue to your business and you’ll profit.

It’s ok to be passionate about something, but its not ok to allow your mind to be lost. That always comes with consequences.

All in all, everyone will be better entrepreneurs and better marketers and better leaders to you, my friends, through journeys like this. So don’t be sad, say your good-byes and let’s move on.

goodbye bear



Napoleon Hills was quoted as having said..

“Don’t wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where
you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your
command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”


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