Tips to Attract More People on Facebook and Social Media!

Follow a list (like 10-15) of the TOP INFLUENCERS IN YOUR NICHE on Facebook.

Who are they? The MEGA-PRODUCERS in your niche that EVERYONE likes and follows?
Follow them. . Observe HOW and WHAT they post about.

In my niche there are many like Diane Hochman, Mike Hobbs, Eric Worre, Trisha Barnes, Franco Gonzales, Ray Higdon and others.
But start here and Follow me too!

“Like” their posts (if you like them). Simply click LIKE on their posts. It’s like “listening to them” on facebook.

People LOVE to feel listened to and it’s polite too.

Comment on their posts
Recognize, appreciate, and acknowledge their posts with positive comments, appreciation, compliments, insight and feedback that keeps the attention on how awesome they are and NOT about you.
(no self serving, spam or self promotional lame stuff).

These top people have MASSIVE FOLLOWINGS. Here’s how this helps you.

You’re being seen by thousands, not just one or two people!

As you post positive stuff on their threads and engage the
conversations, people who follow them, will notice you.

As people notice how ‘real’ and engaging you are, you will start to get more friend requests.

And as your own network grows, more and more people will see your posts as you post on facebook and social media sites.

I hope this helps, I am always sharing on my blog, subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Dorothy Johnston

Learn how I’m able to stay at home with my Family, as sole-provider
and single Mom & Grandmom..

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To be successful you need to be with a Team that values you as a
person, in a Company that is Family orientated, and with a Mentor
that is genuinely interested in your welfare.

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