13 Ways to Promote Your Website

You have a business, a blog, an awesome message…now what?

Every website or business owner dreams of having a huge stream of traffic to their website.
Having a website without traffic is meaningless because the traffic is your audience.

( and just where are all these people going? )


The unfortunate bit is that most people do not get enough traffic
required to reach their goals.
So, The million dollar question now is, “how do I get traffic?”

The major problem that people have after buying a course or reading a great eBook, is taking action. We’re in the age of instant. People want instant results. The Internet world requires time and time is what you should put in and a lot of patience too.

So, without further delay— here are a few awesome methods to get unlimited traffic to your website. Just keep in mind… there are a ga-zillion places on the web to post your information…don’t get side-tracked looking for them.

Banner Advertisement

This is a great way to get some good targeted traffic. Simply put,
banner advertisement involves getting some banners on other
websites with the aim to draw traffic from them to your offer.

YouTube Video Marketing

This is yet another powerful way to tap into unlimited traffic. It helps to have similar theme in your videos as your website or biz op, so that your visitors see the link between the two.

The video must have a link to your website somewhere. So, you could have the link within the video, by adding your watermark
(powered by YouTube) linked to your website or channel. You could also consider having the link in the description box right below the video or you could have it in the video which can be seen as the video plays. or use all techniques in every video.



Build an Email List

An email list is built by visitors who come to your website and opt
in with their mails to get updates or other benefits from the site. So,
all you have to do is create an opt-in page and have an email service provider which you use to build the list.

There are several different email providers out there, or you could purchase a system that has one built into it, like Power Lead System.  Because along with that comes the capture / funnel pages. It’s automatic.




An eBook is a great tool when it comes to traffic generation
because it can be used in two ways. The first being that it can
used as a free give-away for all those who opt-in on the email list
or you could simple add a link to your eBook back to your website.
This is reaaly cool as the book is circulating amongst many
individuals. People will want to find your website especially if the
content in the book is great

Forum Participation

Depending on the niche that your website belongs to, you as a
website owner should join forums within the same niche or those
that are very closely related.


Solid Copy-Write Content

If you haven’t been considering this then it’s high time you did.
Creating quality content is simply irreplaceable. With this you
create a long lasting relationship with your readers and a possible
large following. If you’re stuck on how to write good content, check out our copy-writing formula.

Image Optimization

Search engines have a functionality to search for images from websites. How do they do this? They search the tags attached to image or the image name. When building websites with platforms like word press, you have an option of tagging the image with names related to the image and article it has been placed in. So, when someone is searching for articles related to the image tags placed they get your image as part of the image search results.

Article Directory Submission

There are plenty article directories online, the likes of
EzineArticles.com and ArticleCity.com. Here you submit your
articles and get to link them back to your website.

Website Directory

These are also a great way to of drawing some unlimited traffic. A
good number of internet users use website directories to find
particular services or products that they want hence you might as
well call it a website yellow pages. Some, directories are free and
for some you need to pay.

Press Release Submissions

These have been and are still effective today. Press release sites
have very high authority with the search engines and are also a
great place to draw traffic from directly.

If your press release is comprehensive and helpful to your readers,
they may also refer to your press release which is linked back to
your website… it’s a great way to get high quality backlinks for search engine ranking.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest

Remember, these are social media sites and, most readers will have short attention spans. Write a catchy message, use clickable eye-catching capture pages, that links directly to your biz ops sales page.

Continuous Website Development

A disorganized website shows unprofessional-ism and derails the
trust of the visitor and your website could be labelled spam. Keep it clean, positive posts….


BLOGS and Blog Commenting

Blogs are built with the purpose of interaction so, they always have
a field to comment in and most of the times they also have space
where you can provide the URL to your website.

A blog directory is where you can easily go through and find blogs that are within your niche. A great example of a blog directory is Technorati. At Technorati you will find so many great blogs listed there and all you have to do is find the right blogs to comment on.

So, by now you’re wondering, do I practice what I preach, for the most part… yes.

I used to be one of the gals who after reading or learning things
would shelve them away in some folder on my laptop until I
realizedthat I was simply wasting my time. If I had applied
what I learned straight away, I would have been more successful
online than I am today…. but that’s for another blog!

IMG_0061Here’s to your success!  Dorothy

I hope this helps you, like I stated at the top, there are a ga-zillion ways to get your message out, don’t get side-tracked. The key is to find a few that work and stick to them.

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3 thoughts on “13 Ways to Promote Your Website

  1. Awesome value here Dorothy!! Thanks for being transparent about using your own advice. It’s great to know that these tips are what has helped your own blog be head and shoulders above the rest. Will be back.

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