Snow Shovel, Deep Thaw and Ibuprofen

What’s the view from your window?


By now I’m sure you’re tired of ALL THE SNOW !!  I must say we were fairly fortunate here, only had about foot & half compared to the folks up North.  Seriously, where did all this stuff come from? and where are they putting it? Snow plows are scooping it up into dump trucks to get it off the roads!


Looks a cool way to to get home, still dangerous to drive in.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow! I love Winter! I just DO NOT like being cold. The temperatures we have, hover at or below 0 and have for the past week or so and with the 20-30 mph winds! brrrrrrr!

Let me tell ya, I was all set to hibernate in the house…


Just had to make sure I had the essentials:
Coffee….. check
Internet…. check

yup, I’m set. Kids and dogs were safely inside, school was closed
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Schools had a 2 hour delay on Thursday and Friday…Had Makenzie come home on the bus instead of going to daycare.

yup, I’m set. or so I thought. I looked out the window and realized my daughter couldn’t park out front because there was SNOW and her car sets too low. Can you say undercarriage damage had she tried?


And my van…(that’s what mine looked like) completely surrounded by SNOW. So much in fact that I couldn’t see the tires and when I
finally cleared my way to them, the underside was ice blocked
all around, up under and around the muffler / tailpipe. If there was an emergency I would not have been able to get out fast enough!

After thinking about it, (and wasting precious warmth of the sun), I decided to grab the shovel. What I THOUGHT would only take me about an hour, maybe 2 turned into a 5 hour job.

Needless to say, I WAS COLD!  After I thawed out and got warm, my wrists hurt so bad from shoveling, that Ibuprofen was definitely on the menu!


So what’s my take on all this….? Next time, I’ll hire a kid! Know anyone that want’s to make a few bucks? hahaha

Anyway, ya’ll stay warm and safe!



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