Happy Saturday! Today is my Granddaughters Birthday (she’s 10!)

Happy Birthday Makenzie!!!


She went to the Science Fair / Expo and had a blast! She loves Science!


She made a Hand-crafted a bracelet of luminescent beads, that change colors in the sunlight.


She programmed and controlled one of the robots, got a
“little excited” with that much power.. lol!


She made her own jar of bath salts that smelled so good!




Keeping the Bay clean is especially important because that’s where we live!


Needless to say, there was so much to look at, things to explore, and definitely something she is very much interested in.

Then we made the drive down to her other grandparents and took her to her FAVORITE place to eat

Panera Bread…. she just LOVES the creamy broccoli cheddar with bread!


We all have Families we provide for.

For many that means being away from home, working long hours, fighting traffic to / from, not being recognized in the workplace.

Money is tight, the economy sucks and other than the day to day grind, many do not see the way out.

I work with a company that not too many people know about.

My goal to help as many Mom’s & Dad’s as possible… there is a more rewarding life waiting for you.

Have a great weekend! I want to help you too enjoy life stress free, worry free and to live abundantly!



Learn how I’m able to stay at home with my Family, as sole-provider
and single Mom & Grandmom..

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To be successful you need to be with a Team that values you as a
person, in a Company that is Family orientated, and with a Mentor
that is genuinely interested in your welfare.

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Have a Wonderful Day!





3 thoughts on “Happy Saturday! Today is my Granddaughters Birthday (she’s 10!)

  1. Oh I remember my daughters being 10 years old! Such a fun age! And they loved Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup, too! What a fun day you had making memories with you granddaughter. Can’t beat having the time to do that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She had a great time! then spent the night with grandma & grandpa… and because the roads are iced, she gets to stay down a 2nd night and miss school tomorrow (monday) It’s awesome, having time to spend everyday, not just squeeze time into weekends!


  3. What a fun birthday! It’s so awesome that you have this goal to help families it’s such a great cause!


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