3 Hungry Dogs and 1 Large Pizza!

It’s NASTY outside!

The roads are trecherously iced over, sleet still coming down!
If you do not have to drive, DON’T!

*** TIP ***
Combine 1/2 water and 1/2 alcohol and pour on windshields, steps and walk ways, and don’t forget the hand railings.

A few other things you can try is:
sand, grit, or kitty litter…problem with those is the stuff is tracked into the house.
you can also use big pieces of cardboard…
me? I use the alcohol solution. Works great!

But what does that have to do with 3 dogs and 1 large pizza?
Nothing really lol

Except when you’re home on nasty days like this, they are inside too

and they’re eye-balling my pizza!



Whatever solution you use, if your animals have to go out, make sure to wipe the pads of their paws… grit, sand, and kitty litter will irritate and cause friction sores.

anyway… there’s not much to my blog today, except if you have to be outside, please be careful.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!!



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