Social Media Marketing

Social Media sites are everywhere, and most of them are used
with good intention but incorrectly.

If you’re posting on the Social Sites for your Business promotions, there are several Do’s and Don’ts you need to keep in mind when posting.

Yes, you can search the internet, and yes you will find a gazillion
answers pop up in the search… Each one of them have excellent
content, tips  and tricks.

Here’s a generic summarization that I’ve found and use myself.
I’m not perfect, sometimes I forget to return comments.

Social Media Marketing Better Engagement


Thank customers for reviews and comments they leave on your page. When you take the time to go back and type in a Thank You response, that lets the reader know you are genuinely engaged in your Business and in building a relationship. And be sure to respond in a timely manner, that too shows proper Business etiquette.

Do create a presence by posting regular updates on what’s happening in your business.  Don’t disappear for huge stretches of time – your followers might just forget about you completely. It’s just as easy to unfollow someone as it is to follow them.

Be friendly and open. Make friends with friends-of-friends.
Encourage others to interact with you by interacting with them
first. This not high-school where you think, well no one’s talking to me so I’m not talking to them. You want engagement and followers,
so be the leader.

Social Media Marketing Better Engagement


Highlight accomplishments, not your own, but those of your teammates and or Business Partners…make sure that you are creating a true sense of community. That’s something that I do too, on the left side of my Blog, you’ll see ‘Words from my Team’

When you share the words of others, that validates the other person, their feelings, and contributes in what they are posting.

Post as much visual content as you can and tag people when
responding to them to make sure they receive notice, that’s
especially true if you’re posting on Facebook.

Link up with other local businesses that are relatable to your own business, by posting relevant industry content that is not always just plugs for your business. I sometimes put a link in my content,
directing viewers elsewhere.

Do share a variety of content. Use the various features of social
media sites: post pictures and videos, share interesting links,
and find out what others have to say about them.

Not everything you post should be a direct call to your business. For example, at the bottom of this post is a picture of me, with a small cut-in for my business link, not a CLICK HERE AND BUY FROM PITCH…
Always pitching your business is actually bad for your business.

People connect with people. If what you’re posting resonates,
then you’ll have more followers, which may lead to more business partners.

Social Media Marketing Better Engagement

I don’t need to expand of these,  just don’t do them. Just remember, you do not like to be bombarded with someone else’s ads so you shouldn’t do it to others.


Randomly tag people in irrelevant posts

Constantly bombard your audience with ADS

Get into arguments with customers

Post inappropriate content (eg. Political, religious, obscene)

Post anything that you do not want the whole world to see.

Offer incentives only for positive reviews.

Tag other businesses in hopes of poaching likes.

Be a jerk – meaning think about how the message will be perceived before posting.  If you are not sure, do not post it.

Don’t be a show-off. Like proud parents over-saturating the cute
factor with an overwhelming number of tot-posts, businesses
need to mind how much they self-promote their own babies.

Don’t turn off potentials by making extreme statements about where you stand personally on a topic – unless that’s your business model.

Don’t ignore people who take the time to interact with you. Work with whatever feedback you can get, respond to it, and build
relationships based off mutual understanding.

Don’t assume everyone is on your level. Be sensitive to the varying perspectives of visitors to your page.  Explain your reasoning, cite your sources, and tailor your rhetoric to the individuals you interact with.

Don’t be repetitive. Give continuity to your brand’s voice by keeping threads of content alive, but don’t annoy your audience with the same tune over and over and over again.

Well, there ya go. Use them, adjust to fit your Business needs, but
always keep this in mind…if you see something that you personally would love responding to, then create your content like that.

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