How Will You Survive The Stretch to Retirement?

Holy Cow…..

I seriously thought I had all the time in the world… Think about it, how old are you right now? Do you have enough to survive on, if you’re one of the baby boomers like I am?

at the beach

When we’re young, our plans for retirement tend to include lounging on a tropical beach or swinging a golf club as our regular Monday-through-Friday routine. But in reality, retiring comfortably and on your own terms is considerably tougher than it looks.

It doesn’t help that Americans as a whole are poor savers, and few of us are fully prepared for retirement. Unless you’re a Network
Marketer and take retirement matters into your own hands.

56% of Americans have no idea how much they need to save for a comfortable retirement.
Americans are grossly underestimating what they need.

60% of workers have less than $25,000 in total savings and
investments, including retirement savings.

Since 2002, the number of workers who are confident about the
financial aspects of their retirement has declined.

Not only do most people not know how much money they will need for retirement, they haven’t gotten started on a good retirement
savings plan.

men women

Why women aren’t saving enough for retirement?
What the difference between a mans retirement savings and women’s?

First, women tend not to work as many years as men, as they are more likely than men to leave the workforce in order to raise young children or care for elderly family members.

kids at the playground

Of course, being a stay-at-home parent or caretaker IS a full-time job in itself, but nonetheless, women tend to spend fewer years earning an income.

By age 62, the age at which you qualify for Social Security benefits,
women worked an average of 12 years less than men.

Second, women’s hourly or salaried pay tends to be lower than men, which again lowers their ability to save, invest, and maximize their
Social Security disbursement.

Pretty grim huh? The statistics are staggeringly scary. But what can you do about? How can you tip the scales in your favor? If you choose to stay in the traditional working world, here are a few things you can do, and hopefully you’ll come into retirement with enough funds.

Take stock of your finances. Figure out whether or not your financial resources are sufficient enough to meet your lifestyle preferences. Keep in mind, the older you get, the more you want to plan for
traveling, extended vacations, home remodels or your “rainy day”.

Formulate and adhere to a budge. eliminate non-essential spending.

Invest in Growth Assets. Given the stock market’s return of 8% per year, it’s hard to argue against investing in equities for the long run.

Optimize your Social Security. Waiting until you’re 70 will certainly boost your benefit checks.

pinching pennies

So what that tells me, is you have to scrimp and scratch to save. Pinching every penny and busting your butt to even think about
coming close to having enough. Too many people are relying on
Social Security being there for them when they do retire, to add to
what little funds they’ve saved… only to find it isn’t enough.

Not my idea of retiring comfortably or in the manner I choose to live in. For those reasons, and those of my personal choosing, Network Marketing is my way of life. Not only does it provide for the ‘now’, it will carry me thru and long into retirement. And, it’s transferable to my Family after my passing, not that I plan on going anywhere
anytime soon… I’m going to enjoy my time.

I am still a kid at heart, I do not look at my age as a number. One of
my favorite motto’s?  “I have no choice but to age, I do not have to
get old getting there”  I don’t have to worrying about week to week money, that was stressful enough, without worrying about the future too.

Now, should you choose the world of Network Marketing, and my suggestion would be a whole-hearted yes, Look for a Company with longevity, proven success, and a compensation plan that will take you into retirement… without actually having to work years to achieve it.


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How to Survive the 10 year Stretch to Retirement

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