How To Optimize Promoted Pins on Pinterest

I did not create a Blog post yesterday as I had a “squirrel” day… don’t know what that is? A “squirrel” day is when EVERYTHING is
distracting, and you end up not doing what you know you need to do.

squirrel he’s kinda cute eh?

So, what DID I end up doing? Google searches for
viable and valuable content. Oh, I found all kinds of
cool stuff!

Everyone, well, at least most everyone has heard of Pinterest and I would venture to guess, you have an account there too. Those that use Social Media for Business purposes definitely use Pinterest. It’s not just for shopping, recipes, or kids stuff.

So I found this really cool webpage

Getting Started and Optimizing Promoted Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps people discover things in a simple, visual way. Pinners might find something they love while browsing your boards, scrolling through a category you’re listed in or searching for you directly. Your business can reach more people and drive more traffic with Promoted Pins.

pretty cool huh?

“Pinterest is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas. Every day, people on Pinterest get inspiration for the things they want to do next: everything from a recipe to cook tonight to a trip they’d like to take this weekend to a car they’re interested in buying. Pinners tell us we’re a well of inspiration, helping them to feel more creative and bringing their future plans to life. In Getting Started and Optimizing Promoted Pins on Pinterest, you’ll learn unique and effective ways you can reach consumers through smart advertising on the visually-driven platform.”

In this video, which you can find on the website, Kevin from Pinterest, goes over the 4 different ways to bring focus to your Pinterest Page.

He goes on the explain the value on providing as much detail and
, that way people will know whether to explore
what you’re promoting or keep scrolling.  So, don’t be afraid of having too much text, just be clear and precise!

That’s my thing for today, hope it provides insight and value!

Dorothy Johnston

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