How to Make Money From Blogging

I first saw this Infographic on Ray Higdons page, followed and searched to it’s origin… Wait… You do know Ray Higdon don’t you?

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Anyway, as with all things, if you don’t know the ins / out, go to the pros. which is what we all do. One one of his pages, he talks about writing blogs and gives you 14 tips on writing them.

To help you succeed, he’s created a checklist. If you hit at least the
majority of the items on the list below, your content will perform well.

Here are the questions to ask yourself when crafting a headline:

  1. Would someone type my headline into Google? – If they would, then you are more likely to get more search traffic.
  2. Does my headline evoke curiosity? – Curiosity-evoking headlines tend to get more clicks.
  3. Is my headline short and to the point? – If your headline is longer than roughly 57 characters, it will get cut off on Google’s search
    results page.
  4. Is my headline clear? – Clarity is important. If people don’t know what they are clicking on, they will bounce right off your site.
  5. Am I using emotions? – If you can invoke a common desire within your headline, it will appeal to more people.
  6. Does my headline contain any popular keywords or phrases? – If it doesn’t, don’t expect to rank for any terms on Google.

This I am finding out ..  I am not the worlds best writer. I don’t always convey exactly what I want to say, and you’re probably thinking the same thing. Write a blog? Everyday? What will I write about? OMG, EVERYDAY? yes.

Promoting a blog takes work, and it’s work that only you can do. So make sure your content is on point. Create original images and use them intelligently. Build relationships and a loyal audience. Get
personal. Leverage Twitter and other social media platforms to
maximize visibility, engagement and sharing.

Now, I know this Infographic is really long, but scroll thru and look at it anyway… lots of great tips on how to make money from Blogging.



ok, so It was kinda long, but so well worth it, don’t you agree? Come back tomorrow to see what else I can come up with 🙂

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