The Secrets to Building a More Strategic, Valuable Blog

There’s a lot of great information on the Internet on Building a More Strategic, Valuable Blog

However, I follow many of Amy Porterfield and Social Media Examiner’s tips / tricks. Did you know that the Social Media Manager School is opened for new Students? You can learn more about it or enroll here, Class

To a large extent, blogs are living, breathing things. They’re a place for you to record the day-in-the-life of your brand, to explore new possibilities and take the occasional look back to see how far you’ve come. This is precisely what makes your blog the primary place where brand loyalty is fostered

So, here are a few things you will definitely want to learn:

Tracking Your Traffic and Why you need to

You probably already know that Google Analytic s will tell you what percentage of your traffic is coming from Facebook and Twitter and so on. But by using UTM tracking codes—a little extended code that goes on the end of your URL and compressing that with—you can assign campaign-level triggers to any particular thing you do. It works like a homing device to see where your posts end up and which ones are getting the most traffic. This allows us to segment what percentage of our social traffic is coming from our own sharing versus other people out there sharing on their own.

How to Reach out to great writers

Make it worth their while. A lot of talented writers contribute to Social Media Examiner in exchange for their huge number of page clicks. Find out what exposure on your site can offer your writers, and start sending out feelers. If you find a couple of truly standout writers, snap them up—put them on retainer or hire them for specific blogging projects. When you can marry great content to an engaging, authentic voice, you’ve got blogging gold.

Give your followers something to share

Everybody wants something cool to share with their friends and followers. If you produce a lot of content, your audience will always have something to share online—“Check out this cool article I read on Social Media Examiner.” Even if they never buy a product that you have to sell they become evangelists for your brand, offering the most powerful kind of advertising: word of mouth.

That is just a short excerpt from the original post, which you find here
#44: The Secrets to Building a More Strategic, Valuable Blog – Amy Porterfield.

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