9 Things that Make Life Easier


Dropbox is a fantastic application for businesses, allowing you to easily store files ‘in the cloud,’ within the Dropbox site. Users can create their own folders within Dropbox, syncing with their own computer so that every time users save a document, it’s also saved in Dropbox, allowing users to access the document anywhere.

If you’re using Dropbox, you can use your Dropbox for your iPhone, which allows you to access your files wherever you are. You can also upload content via the iPhone app, including photos and videos which will then be accessible online or wherever your Dropbox account is synced to.

You can create a free account, and upgrade as your shareable content increases.  This is a valuable tool to have, especially if you have a large amount of data ie.. pics, docs, videos, pdfs. If you’re computer develops a nasty bug, or it crashes and you have to reformat, then all your hard work is still there for you.


This is an essential tool both for established businesses as well as start-ups who might be deciding on their new company name. Namechecklist allows you to search for available domains as well as social media sites to see if your desired brand or username is available.

Google Analytics

If you have a website or a blog then it’s highly likely that you already have Google Analytics installed, and if not- you should! If you don’t track your visits and visitors on your website then how can you tell if your social media presence is actually making a difference?

bit.ly   and   TinyUrl

You may not have heard of these services. bit.ly and tinyurl are URL shorteners- that means it takes a long web address and turn it into something much shorter. With tinyurl, you can custom name your link.


When you create topics, Scoop.it suggests content for you to add. You can manage how Scoop.it recommends content based on keywords or the feeds of particular users. Those feeds can include their blogs, Twitter feeds, Twitter lists, hashtags, and Facebook.


All you need to do is highlight a snippet of text from the blog post you want to pin, copy it, then use Quozio to create a pinnable image from that text. To make sure your new Quozio pin links back to the original blog post you want to share, you just need to edit your pin after you’ve posted it. You can click on the “edit” button in the corner of any of your pins to edit that pin’s settings and add the URL of the original blog post.

550+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos You Can Download Now  


One more quick tip and this post will be finished…. It’s always good practice to export a copy of your bookmarks.  If you do have to reformat, or simply lose your bookmarks, then you’ll have a file saved to your desktop, or where you choose to save it. How do you do that? Click on bookmarks, import and backup, export bookmarks to html.

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