Make Summer More Meaningful For You and Your Kids

lol!  Summer is just around the corner, School will be out next month… what will we do with our kids? I ran across this ezine article (they have a plethora of awesome ideas!)

With a 10 year old in the house, I know in advance 5 minutes after she gets off the bus on the last day of school…. I’m SO BORED! lol!

Instead of saying “go watch TV” Take a few simple steps this year to make sure your children have a summer that’s both fun and meaningful.

Spend Time Together

In all the hustle and bustle and multi-tasking of modern life, it’s easy to put off just hanging out with the kids in favor of “getting everything done”. Remember, they won’t be little forever; take a step back and spend a day or an afternoon as a family, whether locally or on a short day trip, letting your kids share in the decision of where to go.

Take off for a relaxing day at the beach complete with sand castle building, body surfing and everyone’s favorite picnic foods. Meander through a local museum, take in an amusement park, meet the denizens of the local zoo or set off on a kid-friendly hike.

It doesn’t have to be an all-day affair; even taking a few hours with your youngster each day to run through the sprinkler, draw chalk pictures on the driveway or lie on a blanket after dinner and look at the stars can make all the difference in your child’s summer.

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You can also pick up a Summer Schedule of Classes booklet from your local college. They have many programs in their Kids and Teen College booklet. From Animal Interest to Writing, I’m sure you’ll find something that your child or children have a passion for! Prices are reasonable, and the schedules are easy to fit into your day. Some are full days, week long and others are either morning or afternoon hours, depends on what your schedule is.


Just a couple ideas….

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