About Me

Dorothy Johnston

Hi there! I want to say thanks for stopping by.

People usually search the Internet looking for a solution to something. I want you to know, that on my blog, you might have found the answer.

But before I go into that, I want to share a bit about me and why I do what I do.

I was raised by my Grandparents in a small town, where everyone knew everything… you know  one of those places… yup. You couldn’t fart without the neighbors knowing about it. I remember skipping school one day ( the only day ) and, well, trust me… it wasn’t something I wanted to try again!

My Grandfather was a very hard working man, and I got teased a lot because… you know that saying “your Daddy’s a milkman”? Yup, My Grandfather worked for Embassy Dairy.  He lived through the Great Depression, and his life-experiences we impressed on their
5 children, myself and my siblings.

My Grandmother was a no non-sense woman, we came home from school, sat at the table and did our homework… On the weekends, we had chores to do.

Growing up we had everything we needed, nothing more. As much as I believed – then – they were the strictest people in the world… I wouldn’t trade it for anything, as I learned principals and morals that I live by.

Fast forward to today… My children are grown adults and I now am raising my Granddaughter. She too, thinks I the meanest person in the world at times ..  and when she is older, she will thank me for
instilling in her the same morals that my kids and I grew up with.

I was raised with the same adage that most were.. go to school, get a job, stay out of trouble, raise a Family and that’s life.

I did that, but always knew there was something more I could be
doing. I felt it down deep, there has to be a better way. I was tired of busting my ass working jobs that paid less than I was worth, with
demanding employers that were always taking more of my time
with little in return

I found the niche I was looking for many years back in 1995, but thru trial and many errors, lack of knowledge and lack of proper training, I failed as many times as I tried. BUT, I didn’t quit looking for that Team of people that was going in the same direction I wanted to go.

I found it! and you can too!

Your time is valuable. Your Family deserves to see more of you. There is so much more to Life that you should be enjoying. I can help you with that. The products I sell will create an income to replace what you’re currently making, with a lot less stress and a lot more fun!

I love what I do, but more importantly, I’m here to see the smiles and waving hands when my Granddaughter gets on the schoolbus and when she gets home.

Now, it’s YOUR TURN… Isn’t it time to come home?


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