7 Simple Secrets on How to Shine like a Star

How can you SHINE like a STAR?
My Teammate and Friend Catherine Gaudio shared this today
Here are some simple tips from Simple Secrets by Kathy Davis

Everyone of us has the power to be the best of whatever we want to do. But sometimes we doubt our brightness because we do not know how to let it out….

Simple Secrets on How to Shine like a Star

1. Believe in yourself. Always stay true to what makes you unique and trust your gut. See your differences as strengths rather than
handicaps. And, instead of comparing yourself to others…
be inspired by them!

2. Work hard. Pure and simple. Ideas aren’t worth anything unless you put them to work. You have to be responsible, dependable,
disciplined and never stop learning or growing.

3. Take risks. It’s O.K. to be afraid but you just have to plunge in anyway. This isn’t easy, especially when it feels like the tide is against you, but it’s just necessary to take risks in order to stay fresh and relevant. You will make mistakes but your efforts will also make a difference. Just take a deep breath and step out of that comfort zone! Continue reading


Journaling for Mindset Victory

Journaling for Mindset Victory

Ordinary people accomplishing extraodinary things in our lives.

Our Mindset calls tap into and disolve the limiting beliefs we’ve grown up and lived by. They are not our true beliefs nor are they our life-long intentions, we were simply programmed.

Programmed by Family and Society on how they perceive our world should be lived.


My Friend Steve Murray teaches his Children how to think, feel, do and become their own person and not live (mentally chained) by what the norm dictates.

These are his words: Continue reading

Words From Steve Murray

The Bucket List is a Young Mans Game

In the past I showed my kids to set their goals in Sept, Jan. and June based on the school year. In keeping with that, this past Sept I took out my “Bucket List” for an update. I ended up crossing off half the items on that list.
Not because they were accomplished or attained.
Because I no longer could physically achieve them for 2 reasons.

1. The injuries that occurred along my journey and the ailments that go along with my age will not allow me to participate in certain experiences. (The 90m ski jump)

2. I am not ashamed to say that at this point in my life a certain feeling has overcome me. I think of it as wisdom, experience, self preservation and risk aversion and maybe knowing my limitations through maturity. You might call it “Fear”.
(I have no desire to travel 150mph in any vehicle without wings anymore.)
Minimizing any future injuries and the lifelong ailments that go with it is what it really is. I don’t want to lose any more mobility.

As I looked at the rest of the items on my “Bucket List” I had a big AH HA moment.
The items on that list were about “Me” and that’s not what my life or life in general is about.
So I started a new list and I called it my “Legacy List” and right now it only has 4 items on it and there not about me. How I can help, touch and bring value to other peoples lives is part of what my “Legacy” will be, not whether I jump out of a plane or “not”. The items on this list go straight to my heart and bring tears. The first item is to help, support and be there in any way possible for my ailing parents and sometimes just “listening” is the best medicine. The other 3 items are too emotional and personal for me to explain, but isn’t that the way our goals should be, “emotional”?

Why a “Legacy List”? Lets look at this in another way.

The average American lives to about 78 years old. That’s 28470 days. Not enough if you think about it, especially if a lot of those days were not yours to do with what you want. If we break that up into thirds at about 25 years each third that puts me in my last third. I don’t want to tell you all the thoughts that go along with knowing that. It means there are not enough days left to accomplish all that I want to towards my “Legacy”. So the “Bucket List” is a good thing but my advice is get it done by the 2nd third and think about your “Legacy” along the way. I have 3 questions for you.

1. Is your Bucket List only about “You”
2. What third of your life are you in?
3. What is your “Legacy”

I know for a fact that the material items that were on my bucket list my kids wouldn’t want anyway after I was gone. What does that tell me?

Words from Priscilla Scott


As I was gathering up my corner office (lol) my computer, iPhone, iPad, head phones and let”s not forget my Rubics cube, (I have to have my Rubic’s cube, it helps me relax) I looked out my window and there he was Bill on his bike waiting for the light to change.

Now I see Bill every morning here at Starbucks getting his morning coffee. You know what makes Bill so special? Well Bill is a Senior Citizen. I don’t know how old he is about eighty something years old but let’s say he’s been on this planet a while.

I saw him on his bike, riding crossing the street. I was so impressed. Heck, I won’t even attempt to do that because some drivers are so preoccupied with other things that they don’t always pay attention to what’ happening outside their vehicle. So ok, I’ll admit it I’m CHICKEN.


To me Bill is the perfect example of persistence. Millions of people his age can’t even venture out of their homes let alone ride a bike in busy morning traffic. He has become my hero.

Those of us that are here online working our business have a learning curve that we have to cross before we are making the income we’re striving for. It’s not going to happen overnight. We are going to have to be presistant. We have to keep our eye on the prize and work hard until we get this process down.

So hang in there. Don’t let the processes you have to learn get you down. You will get there eventually. You won’t get to where you want to be professionally or personally if you cave. Like Bill you are stronger than you think.

Words From Marie LuckAllard

A Networking Marketing Professional



Network Marketing can be described as a distribution and sales method.  It is one that involves multi-level marketing and direct selling. What is so exciting about this approach, is network marketers can generally sell directly to prospects, eliminating the need to involve third party contacts.

The distribution and selling of products commonly happens either online and offline.  The popularity of the industry, allows entrepreneurs the flexibility of staying at home, or adding to their current schedule.

Entrepreneurs are enjoying  growth in this industry.  They have the distinct flexibility to be at home without the restraints of working a 9 – 5.  For those who are committed,  their task is to sell the products, make money, and then recruit others to duplicate what they have done.

I became a Network Marketing Professional in 2104. I  joined a company as an IBO, (Independent Business Owner).  It was a brave and courageous decision to open a home based business.  It certainly is not a decision you should make, however without completing  your due diligence.

Certainly there are many do’s and don’ts related to any home based business.  I have found my biggest motivation stems from Zig Zigler otherwise known as a Master Motivator.  His work stems far and wide and impacts thousands on a daily basis.

As a Network Marketing Professional, your goals are finished or they may need adjusting.  During the past year, I have learned so much

in regards to being a Network Marketing Professional.

In essence, three of my goals were marketing the product, professional development, and video marketing.

Within each of these areas there was a certain learning curve.  I am proud to say, my biggest challenge was video marketing.

My first video attempts were enlightening.  However, after doing a few,  I became more proficient.  In marketing the product,  I learned from experienced marketers what techniques to use that simplified my endeavors.

I believe our Mindset Training was and is the best factor that develops “you” as a person.

This concept allows you to learn from the best of the best in our team, along with pertinent leaders in the industry.  Without a doubt, anyone and everyone can grow themselves as a person in order to put “colors” on their heart.

Words From Trisha

Trisha Barnes

You may know me.
I’m your constant companion.
I’m your greatest helper; I’m your heaviest burden
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
I am at your command.
Half the tasks you do might as well be turned over to me. I’m able to do them quickly, and I’m able to do them the same every time,
If that’s what you want.

I’m easily managed; all you’ve got to do is be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want it done; after a few lessons I’ll do it automatically.
I am the servant of all great men and women; of course,
I’m the servant of all the failures as well.
I’ve made all the winners who have ever lived.
And, I’ve made all the losers too.

But I work with all the precision of a marvelous computer
With the intelligence of a human being.
You may run me for profit, or you may run me to ruin;
It makes no difference to me.

Take me. Be easy with me, and I will destroy you.
Be firm with me, and I’ll put the world at your feet.
Who am I?

I’m Habit!

-Denis Waitley

Words From Wayne Coppock

DO NOT be Confused… it WILL Paralyze you

January 2, 2015 at 8:18pm

Confusion is a killer…

The old saying fits really nice here…

Paralysis by Analysis 

If you are confused than your rational,

or conscious mind will find every reason

to do nothing!

Sometimes in this wacky world of internet

marketing things happen, they come up…

Squirrels dart here and there, there is this

shiny object, and that shining ball

What do you do?

You stay focused on your one thing, just like

we have all been told in the past…



Do we focus on the one thing that we need?

I am talking about making some cash…

some money to survive on until we build a

list big enough to have folks coming into our

primary thing?

Look, here is the bottom line…


If you sometimes feel like you are dazed and confused…

Like a deer in the headlights… it is no wonder  you FREEZE

It is normal, but you need to snap out of it, trust your leaders,

if your leaders are someone to trust… follow their lead!

On our team this has been going on, and there is a lot of

stuff happening, and the leadership is taking a certain path…

Believe me, it is a certain path, one of CERTAINTY!

If you do not trust your leaders find some that you can trust,

BUT, if you just do not understand.. are confused, but you

feel that your leaders are righteous folks then reach out to them.

Here, we are doing some very specific things, taking specific actions

for VERY specific reasons… WE ARE SUCCEEDING !!!

Again… reach out to your leaders!

BONUS: As a customer and affiliate you

get exclusive access to our Private VIP LOUNGE

Coaching Center inside a private facebook group.

So, with that, we’re taking care of two markets

with diverse needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

I can help you.

Words from Sakshi Zion

From the post of Sakshi Zion,

Then I began to analyze the sentence – “You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money, for everything in life must be an investment”. As I dwelt upon it, I saw where everything is NOW; that through the portals of the present all time must pass, and this psychological NOW, the state in which I find myself now, does not recede into the past. It advances into my future.